Workers were forced to pay for costumes, cashier deficits, and equipment costs by Boss Wings Enterprises.

 Tommie and Tawanda Roberts own Boss Wings Enterprises LLC, a Bureau of Labor Statistics spokeswoman verified to USA TODAY.

After company expenditures were deducted from their compensation, many employees earned less than the federal minimum hourly wage of $7.25, according to an inquiry conducted by the Department of Labor.

 Inquiry found that a 15-year-old worker labored past 10 p.m. on many instances in June 2021.

 According to the report, Boss Wings Enterprises LLC compensated a total of $51,674 in back pay and losses to cover 244 employees, in addition to $62,753 in charges.

Wingstop claims it was unaware of the Department of Labor's (DOL) lawsuit against Boss Wings LLC, a fast food chain franchisee.

"We just weren't cognizant," a Wingstop spokeswoman said in a message to USA TODAY.

 "All of our shareholders are required by our licensing agreement to follow our norms."

 On Wednesday, owner Steve Ross uploaded an apparently announcement video on his Instagram account. "You cannot commit the same error again as the largest boss," he adds in the video.

 Several news sites have initially demonstrated on the Roberts family's ownership of a Wingstop franchise.

 In a 2014 interview with Dimension, Tawanda stated that she assisted Ross in obtaining a contract with Wingstop and that she was "as grip on as you were likely to really get" in his commercial dealings.