RAFAEL NADAL credits his off-court relationship with his on-court performance.

 The tennis player married Xisca Perello in 2005, before he became famous.

Xisca avoids Nadal's matches.

 Nadal, 36, has played 22 grand slams.

 Rumors indicate the couple knew one another for years.

 In London, she did sports marketing.

 The 34-year-old works for Nadal's 2008 charity.

The 17-year-old pair married in a Spanish castle in 2019. Rafael Nadal has always been with Xisca.

 They got engaged in January and married in October in Majorca. The couple announced their pregnancy this summer.

 At the French Open, Xisca was pregnant. "It's also about the kids," she said. "Traveling year-round with kids isn't ideal," she said.

Xisca's player box appearances are intermittent. According to Xisca, "When he's competing, he needs space, and waiting on him all day exhausts me.