Queen Elizabeth II, The 20th- and 21st-century icon, died today at 96-year-old

 According to Buckingham Palace: "The Queen died quietly at Balmoral this afternoon."

The king and queen consort will stay in Balmoral tonight and travel to London tomorrow.

 Prince Charles, 73, will become monarch upon Queen Elizabeth's death.

William, 40, is next in line for the throne, followed by George.

 Her death was mourned around the world, especially in nations that named her head of government or Sovereign.

 Her reign covered 14 U.S. presidential terms and 15 British national leaders, the most recently on September 6.

George VI, Elizabeth's father, called her his "pride" and Margaret his "delight."

 Her passion of horses, which she kept for pleasure and racing, lasted into her 90s.

Elizabeth passed the longest reign record on Sept. 9, 2015.

 "My lengthy life has had numerous milestones," she said.