In preparation for the part, Monaghan claims she researched twins and discovered that changing identities occurs.

 Monaghan portrays twins Gina and Leni in the seven-episode suspense thriller.

It's fascinating because she plays dual parts in this Netflix series, and both share all, so much so that they change personalities every year on their birthdate.

They share jobs, friends, unknowing spouses, and a kid, so she performs both roles.

As for Leni, she lives in West Virginia with her spouse, Matt Bomer, and their children.

The other is a therapist's wife who lives in Los Angeles in a fast-paced setting (Daniel Sunjata).

 Monaghan is hardly the first actor to portray twins on film.

 A gesture control camera was moved in for Echoes, and Monaghan claims she switches among Gina and Leni "several instances per day."

According to director David Nicholls, she attacked the project with enthusiasm, compassion, bravery, and empathy.

She stated that this work is a challenge for me as a twinship, and I have only done it for this reason.