Meta will introduce its VR headset at Connect in October.

 The upcoming VR headset would focus on "social presence" with eye- and face-tracking, he claimed.

The headset captures users' facial emotions and replicates them onto their characters in real time.

 Meta's Smart glasses are still several decades away.

Meta promised an elevated headset codenamed "Project Cambria" at last year's Connect conference

Zuckerberg said on the Rogan show that VR can "unlock" a sensation of presence.

"When on a video call, you don't feel present. Virtual reality convinces your brain you're there, he claimed.

The company has remade itself as a "metaverse" company rather than a social network company.

 Some may be suspicious of the message pivot's concept and rationale, but the corporation has moved forward and worked to better integrate its experiences.

 Zuckerberg called the new headset a "huge jump over Oculus 2," thus it will be more than $400.