Your dog may be nicer than usual today because of Krispy Kreme's National Dog Day promotion.

 Doggie doughnuts are available today at participating locations while supplies last.

Looking for a National Dog Day Krispy Kreme near you. Look at the Krispy Kreme's site.

Whole white flour, nut butters, sugar, vegetable fat, and carob replace chocolate in the dog-friendly doughnuts.

 Do you recommend these for older dogs as well as puppies?

Krispy Kreme said the sweets were made by "skilled pet artists"

 Older dogs with brittle molars may find the food difficult to chew, but it softens as they chew and is safe to ingest.

 Krispy Kreme says the treats don't need refrigerator and will last a year if your pet doesn't devour them.

 Dog snacks created with human-grade substances could suffocate young toddlers. If concerned, see a doctor.

Krispy Kreme doesn't allow pets unless they're service animals. Drive-thru is fine.