Rapper Kanye West has deleted his posts from his Instagram account.

 No longer limited to the video- and photo-sharing app, Kardashian and her siblings now don’t follow him on other social media platforms.

 As of right now, Kanye West's app, which is owned by Facebook, has more than 17 million users all over the world.

There is only one post on the rapper's Instagram page, which is a picture of his children.

 That picture is remarked about how he "protected his brand" so that it would be passed down to them one day.

 Kanye has been known to remove posts from his Instagram account.

Only he knows the reason behind it.

 After commenting negatively on Pete Davidson's relationship with Kim Kardashian, the rapper removed all of his posts.

 The only person that follows Kanye West is Kris Jenner.

All the other family members of the Kardashian family have unfollowed him