Medieval medicine had limitations. A critical scene in "House of the Dragon's".

In the first episode, Aemma Targaryen is in labor. King Viserys Targaryen wants a son.

 Medical advisors propose the king to  choose among losing the child or sacrificing the mother.

Due to the instruments of the time, Aemma calls childbirth "our battlefield".

 While the series is a fantasy, it's tough to separate it from the topic about abortion.

The baby's death doesn't erase Viserys' deeds, but it does inspire him to name him as his successor.

The first season of "House of the Dragon" relies on patriarchal social concerns.

Producer stated a core tension in the program is "the patriarchy's perspective of women".

 The creators were cognizant of initial critiques of "Game of Thrones" in portraying an older chapter in George R.R. Martin's quest.

Don't write off the series as fantasy, as the debut and future episodes suggest.