Gabbie Hanna uploaded 100 clips on her TikTok profile in one day, worrying fans about her mental health.

 Some of the clips showed what seemed to be lipstick scribbled on her windshield in red.

 Many video seemed religious.

"Hey gabbie, I think it would be nice to reach out to a loved one!!" Spend time with a friend!” Someone Commented.

 Hanna disclosed she had bipolar disorder, which produces strong changes in mood.

Somebody close to her needs to undertake a mental health assessment before she does anything irreversible, said another follower.

Hanna said cops arrived and left a "health card"

 In a recent post, she asks for prayers after a house invasion. Three hours earlier, she allowed in Nicolas, who "felt confused" and "asked to use the bathroom."

 Hanna's rep didn't immediately comment.

Hanna launched "Out Loud" in 2017 and published "Adolescence" the same year.