Prosecutors say the rapper, who became famous with a song about selling drugs, plotted to distribute 500 grams of cocaine.

 Fetty Wap is recognized for releasing tracks and mixtapes, lending his name to an auto racing video game.

 He was also involved of such a Long narcotics network, which he hid until late last year.

Fetty Wap, was charged with drug conspiracy.

Mr. Maxwell's acknowledged offence carries a 40-year jail term.

Elizabeth Macedonio, Mr. Maxwell's lawyer, petitioned Judge Locke for speedy sentence, claiming her client was in "the toughest conditions" in a Brooklyn federal jail.

 Sir Maxwell did not agree to cooperate.

  An FBI agent who watched his recording said Mr. Maxwell threatened, stating "your man is a rat" and "I'll murder you."

After Monday's procedure, Mr. Maxwell faced his gallery supporters

He whispered, "I love you." As Mr. Maxwell left the courtroom, everyone repeated his comments in unison.