A South Dakota ethics board concluded Monday that Gov. Kristi Noem "engaged in misconduct"

Importance: Noem, a prospective 2024 presidential candidate, is accused of misusing her influence in office. She claims innocence in her pleading against her charges.

 Axios' Jacob Knutson claims that Noem was accused during a 2020 meeting with an appraiser certification program employee.

AP reports that Noem's daughter's license application was rejected days before the meeting.

 AP says that the GAB stated Noem should face "due consequences" for assisting her daughter get a license.

 Axios' attempt for comment from GAB went unanswered.

The board stated it will allow Noem to defend herself, citing AP. No date or information were given.

Board will complain about Noem using state jet. Former AG Jason Ravnsborg first criticized Noem.

Noem is running in 2022. She's seen as a potential 2024 candidate for president after gaining Trump's backing and criticizing the Biden administration.