The man accused of kidnapping Tennessee heiress Eliza Fletcher was convicted of rape as a child and previously kidnapped a prosecutor.

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 Cleotha Abston, 38, does have a felony record dating all the way back to the time he was 12 - including serious assault and rape.

Source: YouTube

 In the small dawn of May 25, 2000, he kidnapped Memphis attorney Kemper Durand at gunpoint.

Abston, 16, grabbed Kemper Durand at handgun in 2000.

Kemper was locked in the frigid blackness of his car trunk," the firm's obituary said.

 Cleotha Abston served twenty years for kidnapping Kemper Durand.

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 The attorney only observed an armed guard "after several hours," the complaint added.

 "Kemper yelled for help," the document said.

 He was sentenced to 24 years in jail, and Durand campaigned to keep him locked up, documents show.

Durand spoke on behalf of Abston's co-defendant Marquette Cobbins, his law company said.