In her latest Gucci Eyewear collection commercial, the "Lovely" singer harnesses her inner action star.

 The Grammy winner dresses in sunglasses and rides a vintage blue automobile through the Beverly Hill

 In the dramatic commercial she will be seen bumping into her clone (surprise alert).

Billie could be a vocalist who comes around once in a generation, but there are reportedly two of her.

 The ad demonstrates "how eyewear, just like cars, may reflect one's image in an expanded fashion."

 The 20-year-old vocalist of the "No Time to Die" soundtrack conceals her blue eyes with a variety of bright frames.

 In the latest Gucci Eyewear advertisement, Billie Eilish hides her ocean eyes.

 The Gucci glitter left the "Happier Than Ever" singer's admirers in awe.

The "NDA" singer flaunts her bedazzled long fingernails in the ad shoot.

 The diva obviously adores the company so much.