Beachgoers in California are bitten by swarms of small, hungry bugs that cause pain and suck blood.

 Excirolana chiltoni, tiny flesh-eating beetles, are causing havoc along California's coast.

 Sand-dwelling isopods eat dead fish but have attacked humans.

 Mini-sharks are munching on beachgoers' feet in California.

When she re-entered the water, another one nipped her finger.

 He mentioned they like to devour dying or battered animals.

 Experts say the bugs are year-round throughout the California shoreline and on Pacific Northwest beaches

 Isopods reside under the sand but emerge at low tide. If a dead fish or large carcass washes ashore, they'll feast like vultures. They favor aquatic life, although they're not choosy.

 A 16-year-old boy was attacked by a swarm of Cirolana harfordi, a cousin of E. chiltoni, in 2017.

 When he resurfaced from the water, he noticed that the crabs had pulled portions of skin off his feet.