3 local officers were shown on film punching a guy through an arrest on Sunday from outside Mulberry convenience store.

 Col. Bill Bryant announced their suspensions on Monday.

 Arkansas Gov called the video "reprehensible" "That's not how they're trained," he replied. "Not our law enforcement. It's wrong."

 The video, filmed from a neighboring automobile, shows officers taking down Randal Worcester 27.

One officer hit Worcester in the forehead, seized his hair, and slammed his side into the pavement.

 Worcester was transported to a hospital for treatment before being lodged into the Crawford State Prison in Van , according to authorities saying.

 Damante said Monday that Arkansas State Troopers and federal agents are investigating the arrest. FBI and DOJ will investigate "civil rights abuses," he claimed.

The sheriff has suspended King and White pending the investigation.

 Mulberry cop has 20 years' experience

 None of the policemen are "rookies," Damante claimed.