In "House of Hammer," Hammer's accusers and his dad's sister address alleged family abuse.

In such a "House of Hammer" trailer, Casey Hammer compared her parents to the wealthy, dysfunctional Roys in "Succession." "Outside, we were a lovely family, but 'Succession' was my family," she says.

'House of Hammer' trailer features Armie Hammer's claimed victims.

Forbes says Armie's namesake made $200 million in business and Occidental Petroleum.

He said he and Bird Bakery founder Elizabeth Chambers supported their family alone.

Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Chambers ended 10-year marriage.

Armie Hammer denounces online charges as he leaves JLo film.

Hammer appeared in "Death on the Nile" in February.

After the breakup, Vucekovich says she completed a 30-day PTSD/trauma program.

Paige Lorenze told Page Six about her domestic abuse with Hammer that month.

""I did love him," she said. "I'd let him do anything. He held me captive.