Alec Baldwin claims he's been dismissed from five jobs in the 10 months since his disastrous "Rust" film set murder, and he thanks his wife, Hilaria Baldwin, for her encouragement.

The actor discussed the October shoot on set. During a practise, a pretend gun he was carrying discharged, murdering a cameraman and injuring the director. "They informed me yesterday that we don't want to do the movie with you because of this," he explained.

 "I do not even know exactly where I'd be right now if I didn't have my wife," he concluded.

 Baldwin claims that the tragedy has cut years off his life. According to the FBI assessment, the weapon used by Baldwin wasn't capable of being shot "without the need for a pull of the trigger," as Baldwin claimed.

In a statement to USA TODAY, Baldwin's attorney Luke Nikas said, "The crucial assessment is that of the forensic pathologist, who decided that this was a terrible accident."

 Alec Baldwin has stated that he does not want the people who forced him to carry a pistol on set to go to prison.

 "Those are the two people I hold accountable for what occurred," Baldwin says.

"Someone who should have known better put a live bullet in the pistol," actor Alec Baldwin adds.

Baldwin earlier stated that the rifle should not have been loaded for the practise. "Rust" producer: "No live rounds were intended to be on the shoot."