Adele's TV performance special, Adele: 1 Night Only, won an Emmy.

 The term applies to stars who've won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony for TV, music, film, and theatre.

 Adele has 15 Grammys and an Oscar for Skyfall.

 The winner exclaimed, "I'm thrilled!" "I'm an EGO."

One Night Only received most exceptional novelty special (pre-recorded) at Sunday's Creative Emmy Awards.

The show mixed a candid Oprah Winfrey interview with a performance in Los Angeles' Griffith Observatory.

 Director, sound mixing, lighting design, and camerawork received Emmys. Nothing Special, and One Last Time were also nominated.

 Mccartney and Ringo need a Tony to become EGOTs. The show received its eighth Emmy.

 Black performers have never won more Emmys. Nathan Lane was nominated seven times

Main ceremony on 13 September favors succession.

 The White Lotus and Ted Lasso both had 20 nominations.