The U.S. price index grew 8.5% year-over-year in July, down from 9.1% in June. Inflation still hurts consumers.

One in six U.S. households, or 20 million, are behind on their power bills and It may be disastrous.

 Natural gas prices have driven up electricity prices.

Natural gas was $4.31 per million Btu a year ago. Today, it's $9.34/MMBtu.

Light bulbs don't seem energy-intensive compared to large appliances. Everything adds up.

Lighting accounts for 15% of a house hold's electricity use, according to the DOE.

The Energy Department believes LED lighting can save the average family $225 annually.

 LEDs are more expensive than incandescents. Electricity STAR-rated LEDs save the most energy.

 Summer energy expenses are high because of air conditioning. You don't want cool air to exit or hot, humid air to enter.

Some fabrics demand line drying. The method can save money.