Unspeakable Net Worth: How Is The YouTuber Actually?

Unspeakable, sometimes known as Nathan Johnson Graham, is a well-known American YouTuber that creates videos on Minecraft gaming and other topics.

The net worth of Nathan Graham Johnson, better known by his gaming name Unspeakable, is $30 million as of 2022. He was able to amass such a large quantity of money over years of creating excellent YouTube material.

In addition to producing frequent gaming videos, he was also creating fascinating and interactive material that was both educational and exciting to watch. In addition, his amusing and humorous remark draws the majority of his viewers, particularly children.

Furthermore, with so many secondary channels under his sleeve, you may anticipate him to earn even more money by the end of the year.

Short Bio on Unspeakable

Full Name             Nathan Johnson Graham
Famous As             Unspeakable
Birthdate             December 5, 1997
Nationality             America
Born State             Houston, Texas
Net Worth             $30 Million
Astrological sign             Sagittarius
Age             22 Years Old
Profession             Youtuber, Gamer, Brand Owner

Biography and Personal Information about the Unspeakable

On December 5 of that year, in Houston, Texas, Nathan Johnson Graham — as Unspeakable — was born into this world. Unspeakable is a well-known American YouTuber who creates videos on Minecraft gaming and other topics.

Nathan also vlogs on a different channel, which he uses for gaming and vlogging. His imaginative personality and high-quality content enable him to appeal to almost every kind of audience, including children, in the world.

Nathan has the necessary skill set for the games, but it is not the only thing. His amusing commentary is very popular with children, making him a highly successful presenter.

His fame skyrocketed even more once he launched his apparel line, which the youngsters adored and flocked to. He is also a member of “The Squad,” a YouTube group that includes his closest pals, Andrew Smith and George, who he met via YouTube (Moose).

Nathan and Moose Craft were members of an organization known as “Proper Productions.” These two individuals were the only ones in the group, and their channels included “Proper Idiots,” “Proper Life,” and “Proper Dummies.”

On YouTube, he has many close acquaintances, including Moose Craft, Preston, Favre My Sabre, ASWDFZXCVBHGTYYN, Shark, Logdotzip, and Cyclone Plays, among others. He is currently working on a game called “Chase Craft,” which can be found on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store with relative ease.

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Unfathomable Earnings Throughout Your Career

On October 9, 2012, Unspeakable became a member of the YouTube community. On November 17, 2012, he started uploading his first series titled “Minecraft Survival Island.”

Unspeakable YouTube channel, on the other hand, began to gain significant popularity in 2016 as a result of his Minecraft gaming footage. His videos began to garner millions of viewers in such a short amount of time.


His first YouTube channel, termed “Unspeakable Gaming,” became more popular, prompting him to start a second channel, titled “Unspeakable,” on May 1, 2016.

Videos, outrageous challenges, pranks, and his buddies were among the many types of material available on this channel’s website. His Minecraft channel, dubbed “Unspeakable Plays,” was officially created on June 25, 2017.

The contents of this channel included Minecraft, pranks, maps, challenges, gaming, and other related topics. There are also many other videos linked to Minecraft Pocket Edition that you may watch.

All of these films were receiving many views at the time. That is how his professional career got off to a promising start, setting him up for ongoing success.




Nathan has never shared any information about his personal life with the public. It covers information about his high school, college, family, and other activities; however, he was born in Houston, Texas.

As a result, we are very certain that he completed his high school education in his hometown. The only people who know anything about him and his family are those involved with him at college.


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Unspeakable Fun Facts that you may not know about

Unspeakable most popular video, titled “BUILDING THE WORLD’S TALLEST LEGO TOWER (50FT+),” has had more than 46 million views. “INSANE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS WITH UNSPEAKABLE” is the title of his debut video on this channel, which was uploaded in January.

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His zodiac sign is Sagittarius, and he lives in the United Kingdom. Roman Atwood and SGC Barbarian are among the content makers he has collaborated with, as are Mr. Beast, The Bajan Canadian, Bionic, The Fear Raiser, Proper Dummies, Rage Elixir, and other names in the industry.

Nathan is an outgoing person, even though he enjoys video games and other indoor pastimes. His younger brother is the only sibling he has apart from his parents. Nathan became a member of the boy scouts when he was six years old.

Nathan’s parents remember requesting a new video game for every Christmas or birthday he could get his hands on. Books, photography, internet browsing, studying, and traveling are just a few of his other passions outside writing.

Unspeakable Net worth as of 2022

Unutterable or incomprehensible, Nathan Johnson Graham is well-liked by the gaming community on YouTube, and with good reason. He gained popularity as a result of his excellent Minecraft gaming videos.

His films are light-hearted and enjoyable, and he engages with his audience. He has unquestionably developed a YouTube empire via the distribution of his video throughout the years. There is no doubt that Nathan is admired by many gamers and YouTubers.

We’ve learned that video games like Minecraft are a major source of income for thousands of well-known content providers on the YouTube platform. 2011 was the year when it began to gain enormous popularity.

Nathan felt that YouTube was a viable option for him when he received his first paycheck from the platform, $156. From that day on, he recognized that his recreational activity would eventually become his principal source of income.


FAQs About Unspeakable

Who is Unspeakable currently dating?

During this time, Nathan was involved with a fellow YouTuber who went by the moniker “Kayco.” Kayla Conley is the full name of the company Kayco. Kayla is another American YouTuber with a subscriber base of 850K, who mostly focuses on gaming-related topics in her videos.

Nathan first met Kayla while a sophomore in high school, and they became fast friends. At their meeting, she was roughly 15 years old and in a chemistry class. However, the couple ended their relationship in 2019. We don’t know what Nathan’s current relationship status is.

Is Unspeakable worth a million dollars?

Unspeakable is unquestionably a multi-millionaire with a diverse range of interests. Nathan has amassed a substantial financial fortune over the years, mostly due to his successful YouTube career.

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Furthermore, with all of the new stuff that will be released, you can anticipate him to see a boost in his net worth. Even the most recent posts on his YouTube account have received more than 3 million views. As a result, you can probably guess his net worth soon.

How much money do Unspeakable make in a year?

Over 2 million views are received on this channel in a single day, thanks to his several videos. As a result, it generates $16,000 in income every day, which amounts to $6 million per year.

As well as various auxiliary channels, such as “Unspeakable Gaming,” “Unspeakable PLAYS,” “Unspoken 2.0,” “Unspoken Shop,” “Chase Craft,” and “UNSHORTABLE,” he also has a YouTube channel called “Unspeakable.” Every one of these channels is bringing in additional viewers, increasing his overall net worth even more.

How much money does Unspeakable have in his bank account?

On YouTube, the gaming channel “Unspeakable” is one of the most popular gameplay channels, with over a million subscribers. Nathan has amassed a substantial net worth of $30 million due to all of the attention and endorsements that he has received.

The majority of his movies are made up of Minecraft, custom maps, challenges, and role-playing scenarios. As of 2021, his primary channel, “Unspeakable,” has more than 11.5 million members and receives an average of 4.8 billion views each month.

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