Ross Burningham Net Worth : How Rich Is The Lawyer Actaully?

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Ross Burningham is well-known for having been Ricki Lake’s lifelong companion in the movie Hairspray which gave him huge fame on the big screen. He is also a business attorney.


Name Rose Burningham
DOB Feb 10, 1967
Age 55
Occupation Corporate Lawyer
Residency United States of America
Net Worth $1 Million

Early life

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Ross Burningham was born in the United States on February 10, in the year 1967. Information about his early years and parents is not provided publicly by him.

He enrolled at Brigham Young University in 1985 to further his studies.  He completed his degree in accounting subject from a well-recognized university. He participated in the NCAA Men’s Volleyball Team while he was a student at Brigham.




To name one, Ross Burningham practices law for corporations. His experience includes venture finance, business services, public offers, public companies, investment side financing, labor, and employment, as well as emerging corporates, mergers and acquisitions, venture financing, and market offerings. In 2021, Ross remained a partner with Gunderson Dettmer.

According to the website of Gunderson Dettmer, Ross provides startup and emerging growth firms with guidance during every step of growth. As a consultant, he makes his expertise available to companies working in a wide variety of fields, such as consumer internet, digital media, e-commerce, software, healthcare, and life sciences, amongst others.

Gunderson Dettmer claims that in addition to providing founders with strategic consultation and mentoring, Ross has significant experience in introducing potential investors, managing financings, advising on general corporate strategy and business plans, and negotiating merger and acquisition negotiations.

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Before joining Gunderson Dettmer, Ross held the position of partner at the law firm DLA Piper. He has worked for the business for seven years and four months. From February 2003 through May 2008, Ross held a stake in Heller Ehrman. He had been an attorney with Brobeck, Pledger, and Harrison before.


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Personal & Family Life


Ross isn’t very active on social media and doesn’t post very often. In addition to that, he keeps his Instagram account secret. As a direct consequence of this, it is quite challenging to learn anything about his family. Ross also lived in Solana beach situated in California in the year 2022. He had lived in San Diego, California, in the past. He’s most certainly a West Coast native.

Between 1985 through 1992, Ross attended Brigham Young University, where he received his academic credentials. During his tenure there, he participated in the college on a men’s volleyball team and was a member of the Men’s Volleyball Club. Ross also received a Master of Accounting with a concentration in taxation from Brigham Young University.

Ross spent the years 1992 through 1995 studying law at BYU. He received his JD after completing law school with honors. Over 5 feet 10 inches tall, Ross Burningham is a tall man. Meanwhile, it is anticipated that he would weigh more than 80 kg. Ross’s face is covered in a white beard.

Ross initially appeared on Ricki’s social media account Instagram in December 2020. Before that, the couple most likely began dating. Since his debut, Ross has frequently appeared on Ricki’s Instagram. Ricki was often showing him off to her Instagram fans.  “Both of us, now empty-nesters, feel like kids again,” Ricki continued. We are ecstatic and appreciative of what lies ahead.”

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The actress from “Hairspray” posted a photo on Instagram to mark the occasion. A picture of the newly engaged pair was captioned “amazing” by Ricki. I am grateful to be able to love and be loved so passionately by this outstanding human, she said, and I adore him very much. Undoubtedly, our upcoming chapter will be a pleasant one.”

Ross and Ricki have taken it upon themselves to raise a rescued puppy together. The marriage of Rob Sussman and Ricki lasted from 1994 till 2004. In the interim, she had a short second marriage to Christian Evans that lasted for only three years. In 2017, exactly two years after the couple had divorced, Christian took his own life. Now Ross And Ricki are happily married together.



Ross Burningham’s Net worth


His net worth is 1 million USD. Through his employment at several different law firms, he was able to build significant wealth. His fiancée Ricki Lake, on the other hand, has a substantial net worth of $16 million.



Ross Burningham FAQ


What is Ross Burningham’s Occupation?

Corporate Business Lawyer.

What is His net worth?

1 million Dollars.

Where is his residency?




Ross Burningham has a net worth of almost $1 million, per the 2022 report’s most recent update. He achieved success in his profession by beginning as a business lawyer and is among the most successful attorneys in the united states of America. currently, he is residing in the US.

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News About Ross Burningham


Ricki Lake has released further photographs from her wedding to Ross Burningham, which was held in a gorgeous location.



Ricki Lake claims that her late husband was instrumental in her ability to find love again.


Ricki Lake, who is 53 years old, presents before and after pictures of her remarkable hair transformation from one year ago.

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