Optic Hecz Net Worth: How Rich is The CEO of OpTic Gaming Actually?

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Hector Rodriguez goes by the moniker Optic H3cz, and he is both a video blogger and a Call of Duty player. In addition to owning OpTic Gaming, LCC, H3cz is one of the most prominent members of the OpTic Gaming family.

Ryan Musselman and the OpTic Crew were the founders of its company. The idea did not originate with him, and he has made it clear as much, but there is one thing with which his friends can agree.

The organization has come a long way under his leadership. He has been able to accumulate wealth through those and other activities.


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Real Name Hector Rodriguez
Age 41 years old
Date of Birth 09-Feb-1980
Place of Birth EI Paso, Texas, US
Profession CEO of OpTic Gaming
Nationality American
Height 168cm
Net Worth $3 Million


Early Life of Optic

His full name is Hector Rodriguez Jr., but his birth name is Optic H3cz. Texas was his place of birth. The parents of the boy are unknown. Nevertheless, he has a brother whose name is Pedro. As well as Pedro, there is Pedro the game.

On his gaming team, he plays as OpTic Tumors. Additionally, he is not able to access his educational history.


Personal Life of Optic

Even so, his life story isn’t completely secret. The 5th of May 2014 was when H3cz revealed via a tweet that he has a fiancé. No one other than Judd is responsible for her. Designer.

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She creates interiors. The couple were already 13 years into their relationship when they met. There is no information regarding his dating life.


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Body Measurement

At the current date 18th September 2021, Optic H3cz is 41 years old. Born on 9 February 1980, she has been living in Wisconsin since 1997. 1.68 meters tall and 80 kilograms in weight, he stands 1.68 meters tall.


Bio of Optics

The video blogger and Call of Duty player Optic H3cz, known as Optic Rodriguez, is one of the most famous players and video bloggers of the century.

The CEO of OpTic Gaming, a gaming organization he founded, is also one of the organization’s founders. Hector Rodriguez II was officially born as Optic H3cz.

Texas, United States, was his birthplace. There’s no information on his parents’ names or occupations, so we don’t know how and where he lived as a child. However, Optic H3Cz has a look that does not seem to be uniquely Texas, as it’s not revealed where the family originates from.

Texas may have been the source of the optic H3cz.  According to his official Twitter account, he may have spent part of his life living in Frisco, Texas.

The details of his education are unknown, as he may not have attended any school or college.

On his official Twitter account, Pedro Rodriguez reveals he founded The Greenwall and OpTic Gaming along with his brother, Opt. H3cz. OpTic Gaming was founded in 2004 by Optic H3cz, Hector Rodriguez.

It was one of the top entertainment organizations in the past years that he led. The name Optic H3cz didn’t appear on awards like actors or musicians.

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It is his work with OpTic Gaming as well as the company of which he is the CEO that is a huge achievement. More than 110 million views and nearly 1 million subscribers have been counted for HECZWE’s YouTube channel.

“THIS STORY IS INSANE!” was the title of Optic H3cz’s most recent YouTube video.”. Videos were viewed thousands of times and hundreds of comments were left. He has created a new YouTube channel named “H3CZplays”, which already has millions of views and thousands of subscribers.


Career of Optic

As far as his career is concerned, he works extremely hard. Currently, his company Optic Gaming is owned by him and he is the CEO. Nevertheless, that was not how things were in the beginning.


Founded in 2006, OpTic Gaming is a game development company. OpTic KR3W was initially in charge of the organization.

He ruled for a short time. Optic J succeeded him. Hector Rodriguez took over the position the following year when Optic J stepped down.

His seat has remained in his family ever since. Not only he owns the house, but others as well. Chris Chaney together with Neil Leibman makes up the other pair.

In addition to owning Texas Rangers, Neil Leibman is one of its owners. OpTic Gaming acquired a majority stake in 2017 through his partnership with Chris. Infinite Esports & Entertainment is their holding company, which was formed later.

This network includes Houston Outlaws as well as OpTic Gaming, among others.

Team members have accomplished a great deal under his leadership. As part of the Call of Duty: Modern Welfare 2 season 2009-2010, they participated.

In the National Championships, they took position eight. During the following year’s MLG National Championships (2010), they placed fourth.

In the following seasons, they played Call of Duty every other season. A number of the games were featured in this, including Black Ops, Modern Warfare 3, Black Ops 2, Ghosts, and Advanced Warfare.

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Earlier in the season, the same show was the last one of the same. Playing up to date, they kept up with the times. Aside from that, Optic H3cz is the owner of Econ Interactive. Ad agencies are involved.


Awards and Achievements of Optic

Since then, pic H3cz hasn’t won any awards. OpTic Gaming, which is under his leadership, however, falls into a different category. That’s an impressive accomplishment for him. Since more than a decade now, he has displayed able leadership.


Net Worth of Optic

According to Forbes, Optic H3cz’s net worth was about $3 million in September 2021. The gaming organization provides him with the bulk of his income. His primary occupation is owning an advertising agency.


As well as YouTube, his earnings are derived from his blog. Exactly how the man accumulated his net worth can be seen above.

Hector Rodriguez, the official name of Optic H3cz, is a video blogger as well as an entrepreneur. The advertising agency he owns is Econ Interactive, and the gaming organization he owns is OpTic Gaming.

In addition to owning a channel, the man also has 800 thousand subscribers. His net worth has been greatly increased by all the above factors. In addition to his superb leadership capabilities, he also has excellent communication skills.

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