Nile Niami Net Worth: How Rich Is The Filmmaker Actually?

The well-known American filmmaker Nile Niami subsequently became one of the best and most well-known property developers in the entire globe. It is well-known that he designs and sells mega-mansions to Hollywood celebrities.


The Nile, who began his career as a filmmaker and then transitioned to real estate development, is well-known for his outspoken demeanor and ambitious real estate endeavors. “The One Bel Air” is one of the costliest mansions in the world, according to Nile Niami.


Nile Niami also made an appearance in a couple of films that were also reasons for his popularity in Hollywood.


Real Name Nile Niami
Dob 25-Feb-1968
Age 54 Years Old
Birth Place La California USA
Occupation Filmmaker, Real Estate Developer
Net Worth $50 Million
Marital Status Divorced
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Children 02


Early Life

Nile Niami born in 1968 resides in Los Angeles, California at now. Regarding his Education, We only know that he was taught by a superb tutor, who also happened to be his mother, who raised him on her own as she was a single mother at the time.


He is a real estate businessman The Nile has American citizenship and, judging by his appearance, appears to be of blended white origin. Niami was schooled by his mother, who taught special education. In 2001, he tragically lost his mother in a violent robbery.


In 2017, the Nile and his wife separated due to some personal reasons that they did not disclose yet according to reports. Yvonne Niami, his better half is also interested in charitable work.


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Personal life

Nile Niami settled down with  Yvonne Niami, who’s really dedicated to charitable work. Before separating and divorcing in 2017, this pair had been together for over 18 years. The Nile is the father of Bryce and Brent Niami. Bryce appears to be 18 years old, although his younger son Brent is 15   It is thought that the Nile has a unique bond with his sons.

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To date, it is unknown whether the Nile has a girlfriend or any extramarital affair. Since his public, traumatic separation, he has not been seen with anyone and has made no official remarks about his current relationship status. After his divorce, he appeared to be more engaged.



Social media appearance

Except for Instagram, where he is known as @nileniami and has over 86,000 followers, He does not use any other social networking site.



Nile Niami started his directing career with a lot of Bollywood flicks. From the beginning of his, career Nile started as a filmmaker and made around 15 films before coming into the real estate world .Niami constructed a home in modest hills that was estimated at $44 million and sold to a Saudi Arabian customer.


His past projects included a residence that rapper Sean Combs purchased for $39 million in 2014. He also recruited architect Paul Mcclean to create a residence in the Bird Streets for Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss (north of Sunset Boulevard) In addition, he built a home in the Beverly Hills neighborhood of trade estates with a unique automotive turntable visible from the living room, comparable to those in motor showrooms.


Another of Nile’s masterworks is the construction of a colossal house in bel air, which  Paul McClean also intended to design and is listed for US$340 million on the property market; it was finalized in 2021 after an eight-year development.

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The bel-air property owners alliance has expressed alarm over the development, according to chairman Fred Rosen. The estate was so expensive it should’ve been regarded as a commercial enterprise. The Nile has also invented wolfpack, a smartphone application that connects single men and women.


Nile Niami Net Worth

Nile Niami the famous American filmmaker and real estate developer possess a net worth of 50 million and how he obtained this income by selling houses worth of millions of dollars in 2014. He sold a 39$ mansion in Holmby Hills Also he has created several popular programs and films and has also appeared in a number of films but most of his worth has been generated by his real estate business that he continues to expand till this day by making luxury homes



American millionaire Nile Niami is a real estate developer as well as a producer in the film industry. He has a reputation for being the daring builder of mega-mansions for famous people. born in Los Angeles, California. He comes across as being overly focused on his career.


He has been selling properties worth hundreds of millions of dollars nowadays, and he is renowned for constructing lavish homes in Los Angeles that can cost up to $100 million. Through his films, he continues to introduce new talent to the industry and created one of the priciest residences, the Bel Air.



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