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Linus Sebastian Net Worth: How Rich is The Canadian YouTuber Actually?

Linus Sebastian Net Worth

Canadian YouTuber Linus Gabriel Sebastian is the founder of the Linus Media Group and a well-known personality on the platform.

He has more than 8 million subscribers across all of his many platforms and platforms. In 2015, he was ranked fourth on a list of the top 30 individuals in the IT industry.

According to the data, in March of this year, he was the sixth most-watched technology-related channel on YouTube. His well-known channel is also one of the most effective when it comes to Google advertising.

Since 2013, he has served as the Group’s Chief Executive Officer. This Media Group has complete control over all of Sebastian’s initiatives, which generate a profit of $50,000 each month! Sebastian also controls Floatplane Media, a large streaming service that provides a variety of content.

Name Linus Sebastian
Real Name Linus Gabriel Sebastian
Country Canada
Nationality Canadian
Age 35 years old
Height 5 feet 6 inches Tall 
Birthplace Vancouver, Canada
Date of birth August 20 August 20, 1986
Net worth 4 million
Education High School Graduate


Early Life of Linus

In Ladner, British Columbia, on August 20 August 20, 1986, the YouTuber was born. He has three brothers and sisters. He attended Garibaldi Secondary School and went on to get his bachelor’s degree from the University of British Columbia.

He has a strong interest in the realm of technology, which has enabled him to pursue his ambitions and achieve success.


Personal Life of Linus

Linus has a wife named Yvonne Ho, with whom he tied the knot on May 20, 2011. They are the parents of a boy and two girls. Marques Brownlee, TotalBiscuit, and Austin Evans were his favorite YouTube personalities that he looked up to for inspiration.


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Linus’s Career

Before becoming a forensic examiner, Linus worked as a painter at a painting company and then a swimming pool trainer. He was ecstatic when he was hired as a category manager by a computer retailer company in 2007.

During his time there, he uploaded technology-related videos on YouTube, which he did from 2007 until 2015. Later, in 2013, he founded his own company, Linus media group, which he co-founded with two other partners.

With this platform, they were able to launch three channels. As a result of their efforts, such titles as ‘Linus Tech Tips,’ ‘Tесhquiсkie,’ and ‘channel suреr fun’ have achieved significant success in the technology sector.

By using this platform, Sebastian often shares videos, including product reviews, web series tips and tricks, and advice on current technology, resulting in the gathering of millions of subscribers worldwide.

They also create and distribute informative and entertaining Vlogs that include various documents about recent technological advancements via their Channel Linus technological tips.


Achievements of Linus Gabriel

In 2014, the channel was rated #1 in the category of ‘Tор 1 percent preferred advertising сhаnnеl by Gооglе’ on YouTube for its excellent success in the technology area, according to the channel’s own statistics.

On July 21, 2015, Inc. magazine published a list of the ‘top 30 power players in the technology you need to know,’ with Linus Sebastian placed fourth.

The next year, he created a film for the IOS vs. Android competition, which was broadcast on the network.

A strange discussion with tесhnо Buffalo, the world’s greatest authority on technological matters, takes place. During the month of March 2017, the YouTube channel ‘Linus Tесh Tips’ had the most views, placing it eighth overall.

Videos related to science and technology were shown on the YouTube channel. A few of the most well-known initiatives presented by the business throughout his career are ‘The Wan show,’ ‘Whole rооm water Cooling,’ ‘Scraруаrd Wars,’ ‘7 GAMе 1 CPU,’ ‘1 CPU,’ and ‘8/10 GAMERS.’


Linus’s Net Worth

Through his unceasing efforts to bring about a revolution in the technology sector, Linus has achieved great success and good net worth.

The Linus Media Group, which he owns, is one of the world’s most profitable technology companies, and he has made a fortune from his ownership.

From his web series, Sebastian made a good profit, which he demonstrated through his YouTube channel. This is an accurate representation of Linus Sebastian’s current net worth.

As of September 2021, the total value of the company was $4 million. A multi-talented individual with extensive knowledge of tесhnоlоgу and gadget, Linus Sebastian is a multi-talented individual.

From a young age, he has dreamed of being a technology expert, which has led him to become the most popular and wealthiest profession in the world.

His ownership of the Linus media group makes him a well-known figure among those who like technological advancement.

Ideas and updates about current and recent technological advancements are often shared on the Linus tесh tips channel, hosted by Linus and the rest of the group.

He became the most successful person in technology because of his unwavering dedication to his work and his sincere efforts.

When it comes to technology, the name Linus Sebastian is likely to be familiar to you if you are a big fan of anything and everything related to it. Linus Sebastian is a YouTube star, presenter, producer, and the founder of the Linus Media Group.

He is most known for his work as a comedian. The majority of people are familiar with him as the creator of three very popular technology-related YouTube channels, which he accomplished via his business, Linus Media Group.

Both of his parents were there when he was born on August 20, 1986, in Vancouver, Canada, to Linus Gabriel. He is the youngest of seven siblings and one half-sibling.

Many YouTube channels, like Linus Tech Tips, Channel Super Fun, and Techquickie, among others, have benefited from his efforts. He is well-known around the world for his contributions to these channels.

These channels were developed by him, and they have a combined subscriber base of more than 8 million people.

Linus had been fascinated with technology since he was a kid, and this interest had remained with him throughout his adult life as well. He applied to and was admitted into the University of British Columbia during the autumn semester of his final year at Garibaldi Secondary School in Vancouver. The latter, on the other hand, did not last for very long.

The school dismissed him after a couple of years due to his excessive computer usage, which included prowling on hardware forums and playing video games on his computer.

He was thrown out after a couple of years. His ability to get a part-time job with NCIX while still in school was recognized and he was later moved to a full-time position in the company’s sales department.

Within a few months of joining the business, he rapidly advanced to the position of the company’s top seller in terms of high-end gaming systems, leading the company’s president to give him a new job at the company’s headquarters, where he was charged with monitoring the system configurations on the company’s website.

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