Les Brown Net Worth: How Rich is The Politician Actually?

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Les Brown began his career as a radio DJ before becoming a motivational speaker. Besides being an author, he was also a former television host of the Les Show that aired in 1983.

Additionally, he has been a politician serving in the Ohio House of Representatives from 1977 to 1981.


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Real Name Leslie Calvin Brown
Age 76 years old
Date of Birth 17-Feb-1945
Place of Birth Liberty City, Miami, Florida
Profession Motivation Speaker, Author
Nationality American
Height 5’11”
Net Worth $15 Million


Early Life of Les Brown

Born 17 February 1945 in Liberty City, Miami, Florida, Les Brown was the son of a doctor and a nurse. Her mother was married to a soldier who was abroad and she secretly delivered the baby in Miami after finding out she was pregnant.

The twins were born on the floor of a building that had been abandoned and were placed for adoption after three weeks. Mamie Brown adopted the puppies at six weeks of age.

There were seven adopted children in Mamie Brown’s family, and one of them was Wesley Brown, his twin brother.


Body Measurement

He was born on 17 February 1945, so Les Brown’s age is 76 as of the date of today, 26th September 2021. The tallest man in his family is 180 centimeters tall but he weighs 165 pounds (pounds/kilograms) and 165 kilograms (kilograms) in weight.

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Education of Brown

Brown was labeled ‘educable mentally retarded’ by his teachers during his grade school years, which severely damaged his self-esteem and confidence.

As a result, he was able to complete his education at Booker T. Washington High School. The result was that he did not attend college.


Personal Life of Brown

There is little information available about the private life of Brown. In 1995, he married Gladys Knight, but the marriage didn’t work out, leading to a divorce in 1997.

The mother of Les’s ten children is unclear, but he is the father of ten children. Possible adoption of some or all of these ideas is also possible. His great-grandchildren include four. He is a grandfather to fifteen children.

To date, Les has never been in a confirmed relationship since his early 1990s relationship with Gladys. He has succeeded in keeping any relationship since then-secret if he has had one. His cancer treatment began in 1997.


Career of Les Brown

Despite multiple attempts to make a living from radio, Brown failed to make a living from his endeavors. He started working odd jobs at the station in the hope that one day he would be on the airwaves. His training as a DJ continued during this time, as well as some practice.

A stroke of luck came his way one night when the station’s DJ was found drunk on the job during live broadcasting, and he was allowed to take the place of the drunk DJ. Apparently, he outdid himself that night and the owner of the station hired him on a permanent basis as a DJ.

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In order to work in a higher-ranking radio program, he moved to Ohio after working for the station for several years. In a managerial position, he became active in politics and campaigned for political reform, which sparked several controversies. His employment was terminated.

His first job after leaving radio was to compete for a seat in the Ohio House district 29. From 1977 to 1981 he served as representative. His adoptive mother became ill and he had to leave the position in order to take care of her.

With time, he became a motivational speaker after leaving politics and starting a career training program for youth.

He has delivered motivational speeches in countries such as Dubai, Denmark, and Canada as a motivational speaker. His most popular audio that received worldwide recognition is titled Choosing Your Future.

He has also recorded a series of his speeches for Public Broadcasting Service-TV.


In his first book as an author, Live Your Dreams, he became a bestseller within a few weeks. Following that publication, he published It’s Not Over Until You Win: Get the Person You Always Wanted to Be-No Matter the Obstacles, in 1996.

Awards and Achievements

Founder of the Motivational Speakers Association, Brown received his first award in 1989.There was an award of excellence given by Council Peers of CPAE. The award became the first to be presented to an African-American.

Both awards, the Golden Gavel Award and the National Speakers Association were given to him.

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His 1991 ranking was among the Top Five Most Outstanding Speakers of All Time.


Net Worth of Les Brown

According to Forbes, Les has accumulated an estimated $15 million in net worth in the time he has been active in his career. Motivational speeches, book sales, DJing, and hosting of his television show contributed to this.

With all the income he has received from these fields combined, he enjoys a luxurious lifestyle as well as having gained a great deal of fame.

During the three weeks after his birth, Les Brown was adopted from an abandoned building. Although he struggled with self-worth and confidence while he was young, that did not affect the direction of his life.

He has worked diligently over the years to be considered one of the best motivational speakers ever. The story of his life proves that what happened in the past is not a determinant of what will happen in the future.

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