Lanto Griffin Net Worth : How Rich Is The Golfer Actually?

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Lanto Griffin is an American PGA Tour golfer. Griffin was victorious at the Nashville Golf Open back in June of 2017. He started the 2019–20 PGA Tour season well.


Full Name Lanto Griffin
DOB June 15, 1988
Age 32 years old
Birth Place Mount Shasta, California
Height and Weight 6 feet 3 inches/ 90 kg
Zodiac Sign Geminis
Nationality USA
Net Worth $2 million

Early Years of Lanto Griffin

Since he was a student, Lanto has maintained an active involvement in the sport of golf. While he was a student at Virginia Commonwealth University, he displayed some of the skills that would later help him become a successful golfer. In 2009, the Colonial Athletic Association honored him by naming him Player of the Year for the league.

In 2010, shortly after the first year had passed, he began playing golf professionally. Griffin was born on June 15th, 1988 in the city of Mount Shasta, which is located in the state of California. When Griffin was a little child, his family uprooted and moved to Blacksburg, Virginia from California. After he moved there, he enrolled at Virginia Commonwealth University, where he continued his golfing career through college. In 2009, he was named the Player of the Year for the Amateur Division of the Colonial Athletic Association.



Griffin turned pro in 2010, but he didn’t win his first major tournament until 2015’s Roberto De Vincenzo Punta del Este Open Copa NEC. Griffin hadn’t won much before then. He also won the Virginia Open that year.

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Griffin missed the 2016 Tour cut by one stroke. He entered the competition as a reserve to be considered for the reorder category. Griffin won 2017’s Nashville Open. He finished 171st in FedEx points in 2017–2018.

Griffin finished 2019 on the Korn Ferry Tour in sixth place. Griffin earned his first PGA Tour card by winning the Houston Open on October 13.


Relationship Status

Maya Elizabeth Brown is the woman whom Lanto Griffin is seeing in a romantic capacity. They have been romantically involved for more than two years, and there is widespread speculation that they may get married in the very near future. Their relationship has been described as “love relations.” When Lanto enters the tournament, Maya is most often found accompanying him and is subject to capture. She even takes time off work to cheer on her lover at the game he’s playing in.


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Lanto Griffin’s Success Journey

Griffin’s winning streak continued after the 2017 Nashville Golf Open. After winning, he focused on making the PGA Tour for 2017–18. Lanto finished 23rd on the Tour money list, earning him a ticket for 2017-2018.

He finished sixth during the regular season. This ensured his 2019 PGA Tour spot. He’s played PGA Tour before. Lanto played his best during the 2019–20 PGA Tour season.


Lanto Griffin Back Surgery

Griffin endured a microdiscectomy surgery to repair a ruptured disc in his lower spine. Griffin is 65th in the FedExCup. The top 70 after the opening knockout event in Memphis progress to the BMW Championship, but Griffin hasn’t picked up a golf club since the John Deere Classic, his third consecutive missed cut.

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Griffin said he burst his L5-S1 disc in May 2020, but it ruptured again, more severely, last January while he was scooping up his dog, Troy.

“This was a tough decision with the FedExCup Playoffs approaching,” Griffin wrote. Since January, I’ve had many flare-ups and excruciating nerve agony without respite. Due to his surgery, he won’t be playing until 2023

Following all of his efforts, he was finally able to win his first tournament on the PGA Tour at the Houston Open. After taking first place in the competition, Lanto was awarded the hefty sum of $1,365,890 in prize money.



Lanto Griffin’s Net Worth

Since the 2017–18 golf season, Lanto Griffin has been enjoying considerable financial success as a result of his career as a professional golfer. As of the year 2022, it is anticipated that Lanto Griffin will have a personal fortune of approximately $4 million. If he continues to win significant sums of money at golf tournaments, the value of his net worth is certain to rise over the course of the next few years.


FAQ About Lanto Griffin

What is the current net worth of Lanto Griffin?


As of the year 2022, it is anticipated that Lanto Griffin will have a personal fortune of approximately $4 million


What prize money did he get on winning the first tournament on the PGA Tour at the Houston Open?

After taking first place in the competition, Lanto was awarded the hefty sum of $1,365,890 in prize money.

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Who is Lanto Griffin’s girlfriend?

Maya Elizabeth



American golfer Lanto Griffin competes primarily on the PGA Tour as a professional. In June 2017, Griffin triumphed at the Nashville Golf Open. He started the 2019–2020 PGA Tour season well. He has a heft net worth of 4 million Dollars and currently, He will not be playing until 2023 after his back surgery.


News About Lanto Griffin


Following back surgery, Lanto Griffin will be sidelined from the PGA Tour for about five to six months.



Ballyhack Golf Club will once again play host to the Lanto Griffin Charity Classic.


The number of competitors in the FedEx St. Jude Championship has been set at 121 for the time being.

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