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Emily Compagno Net Worth: How Rich is The Journalist Actually?

Emily Compagno Networth

Emily is not your average attorney; she gained notoriety in April 2007 when she became a cheerleader for the popular NFL team, the Oakland Raiders. Emily is a member of the National Association of Women Attorneys.

She, on the other hand, guided the NFL’s member club to the promised land. Compagno, who was just elevated to the position of team captain, led the club during the NFL China opening event in Beijing. While pursuing the Raiders’ captaincy, Compagno participates in an NFL military tour that takes him to Iran and Kuwait.

To make a long tale short, Emily Compagno is a seasoned professional when it comes to evaluating the sports industry.

As a civil lawyer, she conducts daily live comments on national networks and television stations, in which she analyses the sports industry. She also contributes to a sports radio program on a timely basis and has covered a wide range of athletic events as a reporter.


Short Info About Emily

Full name  Emily Rose Compagno
Alias  Emily
Date of birth  November 9, 1979
Place of birth  Oak Knoll, California
Emily Compagno’s age  41 (as of 2021)
Zodiac sign  Scorpio
Nationality  American
Ethnic background  White Caucasian
Marital status  Married
Siblings  Natalie and Julietta
Net worth  $1.5 million
Instagram  @realemilycompagno
Twitter  @EmilyCompagno


Early Life of Emily

Emily has also worked as a criminal defense attorney for a company headquartered in San Francisco. For four years (2010 – 2014), she worked as a civil litigator to help her clients resolve their cases.

When Emily was not working as a litigator, Compagno served as the general counsel for the Social Security Administration. Emily Compagno’s comments on Fox Business Network and Fox News Channel are well-known, and she also appears on Fox & Friends as a legal expert on occasion.

Some of the topics she has addressed in her work include Sony hacking, North Korea, and various problems about government.

Ensures that the equation between football games and the law is properly balanced by the former Oakland Raiders cheerleader, who now divides her time between San Francisco and Seattle. She has also volunteered with Orphans in Africa, which she enjoys doing.

Emily is a unique gem our age needs since she can still take care of her personal life even though she has much work to deal with daily.


Personal Life and Family of Emily

Emily Rose Compagno was born at Oak Knolly (Naval Hospital) in the United States of America, and she is the daughter of a naval officer.

In (El Cerrito) Northern California, she grew up as a child in the Berkeley Area of California.

Emily’s paternal grandparents, John and Katherine Compagno (Emily’s mother), have been her primary caregivers since Emily’s birth. Katherine (72 years old), of German ancestry, now resides in California with her husband, John, who is of Italian descent, and their two children.

Rose’s maternal grandparents are Josephine Bileci Compagno and John Compagno, while her paternal grandparents are John and Josephine Bileci Compagno.

William Harry Bertsch (Great grandfather) served in the United States Army during the early 1900s on her mother’s side. Emily’s middle name, “Rose,” is in honor of William Bertsch’s wife.

One of Emily’s sisters is Natalie Compagno, who runs the fast-rising fashion site LA Lifestyle. The other sister is Jessica Compagno. Natalie’s husband, Greg, runs a lifestyle and fashion blog called A Travel Bookstore in California, receiving funding from Traveler’s Bookcase.

Natalie, who runs a lifestyle blog, has visited almost 100 countries thus far on her journey. Julietta Compagno Skoog is Compagno’s second sister and the mother of Compagno.

Her Husband, Jon Skoog, with whom she has two children, who are responsible for the Skoog in her given name. Julietta is a co-owner of Sprout able with an unidentified third party. Emily Compagno also has a dog named Duchess, whom she keeps as a pet.


Her Education

Concerning Compagno’s educational background, she completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Washington, majoring in law.

On the other hand, she went on to earn the highest legal degree available, the Juris Doctorate, from the University of San Francisco in 2006.

A year later, she was recruited to join the Raiders as a Raiderette. Emily’s interesting facts include that she began dancing at the age of three and has been to Africa three times already.

South Africa served as a law school internship, and Uganda served as a volunteer with Orphans International.


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Height and age of Emily

Emily was born on November 9, 1979, and works as a legal sports analyst. She is 40 years old as of today, and she will be 41 years old in November 2020.

When it comes to Emily’s height, she is 5 feet and 6 inches tall, which translates to about 1.69m when translated. Her hair has a dark brown hue.


Married Life of Compagno

Every year since Emily established an internet presence in 2007, people have shown an interest in learning more about her personal life.

Emily Compagno, a Sports Reporter for major local television networks, is now married to Peter Riley, a specialist dentist who works at Chemithon enterprises inc. Emily Compagno and Peter Riley have two children.

Pete and Emily met while they were teens, most likely during their high school years, although they were not dating at the time.

Approximately twenty years later, the now-married couple happened to cross paths again on a Seattle sidewalk by chance. They hit it off right away and started dating right away.

After four years of romance with Compagno, Pete decided to take things to the next level by asking Emily for her hand in marriage on September 14, 2017.

The wedding ceremony took place at the Valla Camborne Hotel, located in the Italian town of Ravella. The ceremony, which took place in Southern Italy, was intended only for the two of them.

Emily stated that her wedding took place at the outside Tea Room Pavilion, which was lavishly decorated with gorgeous flowers and included a single violinist who played a heart-piercingly beautiful tone.

On the other hand, Compagno’s spouse is a die-hard fan of the Seattle Seahawks; it seems that this will make their marriage more intriguing since they are both passionate about separate teams.

The pair, who tied the knot in 2017, resides in Seattle, Washington. It is not known whether or if the couple has children of their own.


The estimated Net worth of Compagno

In the United States, working as a criminal defense attorney or civil litigation may earn you much money.

While working as a General Attorney for the Social Security Administration, Emily earned more than $70,000 a year when she first began her employment there in 2010. Emily was promoted to the GS-13 pay grade two years later, with a salary increase of about $96,000 per year. Compagno had already arrived in Oakland, California, by this point.

Compagno’s salary was increased to $104,359 in 2014 when he was promoted to the same pay grade.

As a result of her stay in San Francisco, she took advantage of various employment possibilities, including working as a Criminal Defense Attorney for a San Francisco-based firm, reporting sports analysis for major television and radio stations, and contributing to sports magazines.

Emily Compagno’s net worth is estimated to be about $1.5 million due to all of these factors combined.


There are some interesting facts about her

  • As of right now, she has been to nations such as South Africa and Uganda, totaling 85 countries throughout her career.


  • Regarding subjects ranging from the federal budget to the Hillary email controversy, Emily Compagno has addressed some incredible ones; she has had a fantastic time working with Fox News.


  • Emily has been working with orphans in the southern area of Africa as a legal intern, and she has been there many times.


  • As a Raiders’ cheering squad member, her dancing abilities made her an excellent fit for the team.


  • She is a well-rounded and highly educated individual who studied law and political science, which have proven to be extremely beneficial to her throughout her program.


  • Her Twitter account has almost 56 thousand followers, indicating that she is very active.

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