Elliot Grainge Net Worth: How Rich Is The Musician Actually?

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Elliot Grainge is employed in music management in the United States. He is most well-known for initiating and directing initiatives worth 10K. Recently, a lot of attention has been focused on Elliot as a result of the fact that he was spotted with Sofia Richie.

Elliott has collaborated with musicians such as Surfaces and Iann Dior throughout his time as a producer. In addition, his studio is responsible for a significant number of platinum-certified singles.

Even though Elliot has achieved a great deal of success on his own, it cannot be compared to his father’s contributions to the music industry.







Birth Place






Date of Birth


Net Worth



Elliot Grainge


28 Years


5 feet 19 inches Tall


London, United States


United States of America


British- American


November 6th, 1993


10 Million




The early life of Elliot Grainge

Elliot Grainge was born on November 6th, 1993, in London, which is located in the United Kingdom. On the other hand, to finish his education, he moved to the United States of America. This means that he spent most of his boyhood in the United States.

Lucian Grainge, Elliot’s father, was the Chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group throughout Elliot’s childhood. However, after giving birth to Elliot Grainge, his mother, Samantha Berg, lapsed into a coma and has not regained consciousness.

However, she never made a full recovery. It was in 2007 that his mother passed away. After some time, Lucian tied the knot with a second woman named Caroline.

Northeastern University awarded Elliot Grainge a bachelor of arts degree upon completing his studies there. On the other hand, he has been interested in music since he was a youngster.

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Personal Life of Elliot Grainge

Elliot’s current girlfriend is named Sofia. She shared photographs of them on Instagram. Despite this, Sofia was romantically involved with Scott Disick for three years. But in the year 2020, they decided to part ways. Then, Sofia located Elliot in Los Angeles, where he was living.

Career Of Elliot Grainge

After establishing contractual relationships with Trippie Redd and Tekashi69, Elliot launched his career as a music producer. In addition, he worked as a backing vocalist for several other vocalists, such as Internet Money, Iann Dior, and Poor Stacy.

After some time, his business, known as the 10k Project, was awarded eight platinum solos, 18 golds, and around 22 billion streams. In 2018, Elliot established himself as a music producer and put his name on the billboard.

From this vantage point, he received an overwhelming reaction from the crowds. In addition, he made over fifty thousand dollars from the production of songs. Because of this, he is well-known among other music producers in the industry.

In the year 2019, the 10k Project firm announced that two artists going by the names Internet Money and Taz Taylor were interested in taking part in the venture transactions.



Elliot’s Family

The fact that Elliot Grainge is the son of Lucian Grainge, Chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group, who is projected to have a net worth of more than $50 million in 2022, does not detract from the fact that Elliot has achieved a great deal of success on his own.

The 62-year-old man from North London was recognized by Billboard magazine on four separate occasions during the 2010s as the most influential person in the music business.

Lucian has worked in the music business for all of his career. Before joining Universal Music in 1986 to launch PolyGram Music Publishing UK, he held positions as the director of RCA Music Publishing and the A&R director for MCA Records.

He began his career in the music industry. Lucian ascended through the ranks of Universal Music Group, beginning his career as Chairman of the UK division, moving on to serve as International Chairman in 2005, and eventually assuming the roles of CEO and Chairman of Universal Music Group in 2011.

Elliot’s Net Worth

It is believed that Elliot Grainge has a net worth of ten million dollars. But he is not quite as wealthy as his father, Lucian Grainge, was in his day. It is believed that his grandfather has a net worth of sixty million dollars. By adding up all of the payments he received throughout his career, we could estimate his net worth.

Some Interesting Facts About Elliot Grainge

  • The Elliot Grainge College, also known as the Northeastern University in Boston
  • Born in London, England, United Kingdom, Elliot Grainge is a native of the United Kingdom.
  • The city of London, which is located in England and the United Kingdom, is Elliot Grainge’s hometown.
  • November 6th, 1993, is the day that Elliot Grainge was born.
  • As of the year 2022, Elliot Grainge will be 31 years old.
  • November 6th is the day when Elliot Grainge celebrates his birthday.
  • Elliot Grainge is a resident of Los Angeles, located in the state of California in the United States.
  • Samantha Berg’s name belonged to Elliot Grainge’s mother when he was born.
  • The name of Elliot Grainge’s father, Lucian Grainge, is also Grainge.
  • The identity of Elliot Grainge’s brother has not been disclosed.
  • The lady in question is known as Sofia Richi, and she is Elliot Grainge’s girlfriend.
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