Eiichiro Oda Net Worth: How Rich is The Manga Artist Actually?

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A dexterous manga artist from Japan, Eiichiro Oda is known for his intricate artwork. In case you’re unfamiliar, manga is a Japanese comic book painstakingly crafted by mangakas, who are professional manga creators, artists, and authors.

Japan’s ‘One Piece,’ which has been serialized since 1997, has been known the world over as the creation of Eiichiro Oda.

Through 2017, more than 430 million copies of the blockbusting series were sold around the world, making Eiichiro one of the most spectacular manga artists of all time.


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Real Name Eiichiro Oda
Age 46 years old
Date of Birth 01-Jan-1975
Place of Birth Kumamoto, Prefecture, Japan
Profession Author, Actor, Cartoonist
Nationality Japanese
Height 183cm
Net Worth $230 Million


Early Life of Oda

As a child of the picturesque city of Kumamoto in the Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan, Eiichiro Oda dreamt of becoming a manga artist because he thought doing such work would relieve him of the monotony of his conventional job.

During his childhood, he was highly influenced by adventure stories, particularly tales of slaying pirates at sea, as well as the TV animation series ‘Vicky the Viking’ by renowned manga artist Akira Toriyama.

During his teenage years, he created his first manga character called Pandaman and sent it to so-called ‘Kinnikuman’ manga artist Yudetamago for consideration

. Eiichiro’s character eventually appeared in one of the chapters of the wrestling series, a feat that encouraged him to continue following his dreams.

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His manga work ‘Wanted!’ was crafted by Eiichiro when he was 17 years old, thus establishing him as an official member of the manga industry. Chiaki Inaba is his wife. They were married in 2004.


Bio of Oda

The net worth of Eiichiro Oda is $200 million. He is a Japanese manga artist and illustrator.

Eiichiro Oda is a Japanese inventor who was born in Kumamoto, Kumamoto Prefecture in January 1975. His manga series One Piece, which began in 1997, is best known.

There are more than 430 million copies of Oda’s manga One Piece in circulation worldwide.

One of the artists who changed the history of manga has been honored for his work. During his childhood, he was obsessed with manga art.

Having won several awards at the young age of 17, he got a job at Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. Among his one-shots were “Romance Dawn,” featuring the character who would become the protagonist of One Piece, Monkey D. Luffy. Originally serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump, the series began serialization in 1997.

Among his works is the manga series Wanted! Some of the series include God’s Present for the Future, Ikki Yako, Monsters, and Cross Epoch. Seven books of Oda’s One Piece Color Walk art have been released so far.


Body Measurement

The date 19th September 2021 marks Eiichiro Oda’s 46th birthday as of 1 January 1975. A height of 1.83 m and a weight of 86 kg describe his height and weight.


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Career of Oda

The’Wanted!Shueisha, the publisher of the Tezuka Awards, assigned the book second place. Following this recognition, he was hired by Weekly Shonen Jump, a popular manga magazine published in Japan by Shueisha.

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The artist assisted Shinobu Kaitani, Masaya Tokuhiro, and Nobuhiro Watsuki in creating respected series like ‘Suizan Police Gang,’ ‘Jungle King Tarachan,’ and many others during his time.,’ and ‘Rurouni Kenshin’.

During his time in Japan, Eiichiro was exposed to many types of art, which shaped his artistic style.


On the side, Eiichiro Oda worked on some of his creations while studying manga under the guidance of world-renowned manga artists.

‘Romance Dawn’ was one such story, which was picked up by publishers and published in top-selling magazines like Akamaru Jump and Weekly Shonen Jump in late 1996.

In ‘Romance Dawn,’ the protagonist, a young boy called Monkey D. Luffy, is said to possess the characteristics of rubber.

The story follows the jaw-dropping adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirate crew, who are on a quest to discover the fabled world’s most valuable item, which is considered to be the greatest treasure in the world.

With over 4.0 million copies in initial print, this manga series has become an enormous success worldwide among readers of all ages and has broken all records in the history of manga publishing in Japan.

No other work in the history of manga has come close to this feat. In addition to God’s Present for the Future, he made a film called Monsters and a book entitled Taste of the Devil Fruit.


Awards and Achievement

Among the Hop Step Award winners, Eiichiro won the award when he turned 19. In 2010, a marketing research company Oricon awarded him the prize for the ‘Manga that Changed the History of Manga’ as a result of the success of the anime series ‘One Piece’ that changed his life.

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The 41st Japan Cartoonists Association Grand Prize for ‘One Piece’ was bestowed upon him in 2013.


Net Worth

In September 2021, Eiichiro Oda’s net worth was estimated to be $230 million, due to his record-breaking manga series ‘One Piece’ that has also been made into a number of animated movies in which he was an active participant in the production process.

Additionally, he has worked with several other manga artists, for instance Akira Toriyama, with whom he created a cross-over one-shot comic called Cross Epoch in 2007, which incorporates beloved characters from both artists’ celebrated works.

Furthermore, he created an action video game character for the game “Gaist Crusher.” in 2013.


Since Eiichiro Oda has such an incredibly rare talent, he was bound to become one of the most famous and most recognized people in the world.

A spellbinding illustrator and author who leaves his readers wanting more, Eiichiro is bound for great things in the future.



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