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Dharod Family Net Worth 2024: How Rich Is Business man Actually?

Dharod Family Net Worth: How Rich Is Business man Actually?

Sunil Dharod and Harshad Dharod own multiple franchise restaurants in the U.S. as well as thousands of apartments.

The Dharod family has an inspiring rags-to-riches story, starting with humble beginnings in India and going on to build a giant restaurant empire here in the U.S. They are estimated to be worth at least $80 million.

Real Name Sunil Dharod and Harshad Dharod
Age Harshad Dharod age is 60

Sunil dharod age is 58

Date of Birth Harshad Dharod 21st January 1962

Sunil Dharod 12th November 1964

Place of Birth India
Profession Businessman
Nationality Indian
Net Worth $80 million

Early Life

Their father had passed away when the two brothers were very young, so their mother was left to raise them.

This left the brothers in a tough situation since they were the leading providers for the family. Obtaining eight bottles of milk by taking a train enabled them to sell milk door-to-door.

While other children were playing, Sunil and Harshad were busy doing many other odd jobs as well. With their mother’s help, the brothers eventually moved to the United States.

Biography of Dharod Family

Sunil Dharod bought his first Jack in the Box restaurant in Los Angeles, California, with all the money he had on   February 3, 1986. A 21-year-old franchise, he is the youngest franchisee ever in the franchise’s history.

With that initial investment of $240,000, Sunil has grown his restaurant empire to include 64 Applebee’s, 48 Sonic Drive-In’s, 16 Roy’s, and one Slim Chickens, as well as shopping centers and apartment buildings.

He believes: Working is a good thing because nothing bad will ever happen to you if you are working. He should know; he has always worked. During his childhood in India, Sunil’s father died at three, causing the family’s wealth to disappear overnight.

He says he began working when he was seven years old. In addition to delivering milk twice daily, Sunil did odd jobs whenever he could.

He was also supported by his older siblings. In addition to sewing and delivering milk, his mother would travel by train across the country to purchase rationed foods, which she would then sell for a profit in their hometown.

Although they still struggled to make ends meet, his mother often borrowed money from her uncle to make ends meet. His mother always repaid the loan.

Their financial situation remained dire, and his mother would often borrow money from her uncle. Regardless, she always repaid him.

An uncle who was wealthy was happy to help but baffled by his niece’s determination to work. My dad once asked my mom, ‘Why is your family working so hard?’? I could just send you some money.

I will not be able to teach my children anything if I take money from you, she said. Sunil agrees that she was right. At 15, Sunil’s family moved to the United States.

Sunil remembers the date as July 11, 1980. As I stepped down from the plane after my first time on one, I got the feeling that we were going to make something of our experience.

Dharod family members brought a strong work ethic to Los Angeles when they moved there from India. Sunil started working at a Carl’s Jr. when he was sixteen years old.

Over the summer he worked for three different employers. On the weekends, he says he worked at an Indian restaurant for 16 hours on Fridays and Saturdays.

He says I worked at Carl’s Jr. almost full-time (32 hours), Jack In The Box for 32 hours, and Jack In The Box for 32 hours total.

His savings totaled $1,200 within three months. He studied to become an automotive technician after completing high school. When I was a kid, I dreamed of being a mechanic.

At home, there was an old clock that would stop working every time. Every time I fixed it, it worked again. he recalls.

A Volvo dealership hired him as a line mechanic. He was earning close to $100,000 a year, while his base salary was only $55,000.

Not only did he fix cars at night and on weekends, but he also bought them, fixed them up, and sold them.

His first Jack In The Box came soon after he married Sharmilla. We weren’t fearful or worried about something not going right, because we knew we would make it no matter what.

To make today better than yesterday, we just wanted to improve lives and grow the business. He grew sales from $500,000 to over $800,000 based on his prior experience flipping burgers.

The service time at our drive-thrus has decreased from over three minutes to two minutes, he says. The restaurant has been completely remodeled.

Two weeks before the E. coli outbreak that would cripple the brand, just two weeks before the one store grew to six, he sold them all to Jack In The Box.

I needed to have a bigger name if I wanted to continue to grow, he says. Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Arby’s, and Burger King all sent him applications. He decided to purchase 12 Burger Kings in Dallas after a Burger King deal brought him to Texas.

In 1999 he bought 11 Blockbuster franchises, growing from 12 to 18 and 19. Back then, the business was flourishing.

Despite not getting out in time and having to shut down each of the computers one at a time, he does not regret his decision.

In Blockbuster, he says, We didn’t lose money. It was very profitable. His business has grown significantly over the next two decades.

The brands have changed, and the numbers have grown, but two things have remained the same: There will never be a mistake if you’re working, he adds.

And the people are what make it all possible. All of us know how much we care, he says. It is important for us what happens to them; it is important for us how their lives go.

We spent weeks in Houston, including taking and distributing supplies and helping with clean-up after Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston.

Sunil’s passion is philanthropy, especially feeding the hungry. Sunil says he survived on wheat tortillas and raw onions before moving to the U.S. There are many hungry people in India, he says.

All Sunil’s brands host annual fundraisers, but Sunil also runs his own local food foundation that helps feed the homeless on Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights.

Thanksgiving has the Nobody Sleeps Hungry campaign … I hope Diwali will become another holiday like that.

She founded the Puja Foundation shortly after starting work for the company, which provides financial assistance to employees who suffer disasters or the loss of loved ones.

Puja now serves as the company’s director, while Chris is the president. They both completed an 18-month training program that saw them rotate through every position at the company, from dishwashing to public relations, before taking on their present responsibilities.

A 15-year-old aunt once asked, ”why do these kids have to go to work? According to me, there is more reason for them to work because of what I have.

Sunil may be low-key, but his house isn’t. Sunil’s home has gleaming marble floors, a home theater, a bowling alley, and a modern wine cellar that displays his extensive wine collection behind a wall of glass.

There is a red Enzo Ferrari in a room illuminated by a huge skylight. The 12-cylinder mid-engine Berlinetta sports car was built with Formula One technology, and there are fewer than 400 of them in the world.

In the garage of his garage, he has a Tesla that his wife drives; a Bentley; and three more Ferraris, two red and one yellow, as well as his first Ferrari, the Testarossa.

He admits he has a saying for his life. It’s Barefoot to Bentley. Sunil learned most from his mother over a lifetime of work.

He recalls dropping eight full bottles of milk when he was eight years old. I lost an entire month’s salary in one slip.

In my case, it was a disaster, but my mother was so encouraging and positive. She said we would figure it out.

He says a leader must be caring, honest, and hardworking. The United States is unmatched. We stand at the center of the world. Anyone who works hard enough can achieve anything.

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The career of the Dharod Family

There, they also followed in the footsteps of their mother’s hard work, mentioning how it was common to work 16 hours a day. They worked several jobs in order to provide for themselves.

After joining a trade school, Sunil became a mechanic and earned $100,000 annually. The other $40,000 he made by working overtime and weekends was in addition to the base salary of about $60,000.

Initially, Harshad had been working in a restaurant since he wanted to become a doctor. The owner would encourage him to leave so that he could pursue his studies every time he mentioned that.

Soon, they were managing most of the restaurant’s operations. The two of them saved their money and invested it in franchises for restaurants.

Among the franchises Sunil bought was Jack in the Box. Sunil purchased more than one Jack in the Box franchise over the years. Later, he sold them and bought Burger King locations seeing an opportunity.

In his company, SSCP Management, Sunil oversees the different companies which have today become 70 Applebee’s, 47 Sonic Drive-Ins, and Roy’s restaurants. Moreover, Harshad has also successfully continued his business ventures by opening restaurants and purchasing apartments that employ more than 4,000 people.

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Personal Life

There are two brothers who are married. Besides running Applebee locations, Sunil Dharod’s son Chris also serves as the company’s director. The Dharod brothers are both highly private people.


The Dharod Family’s Net Worth

As of 2022, the Dharod family has an estimated net worth of $80 million. Both of them have continued the work ethic they possess when they were selling milk in India.

This has created a truly rags and riches story with the Dharod family today being multi-millionaires.

Education Timeline

There really are no details about the academic qualifications available. The only thing we know is that Harshad was motivated to pursue medical study, whereas Sunil enrolled in a trade school in addition to his mechanic job. They were both working and studying at the same time. Children used to work hard while playing, much like their moms. As a result of his efforts, Dharod’s net worth has climbed to $80 million.


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