CJ SO COOL Net Worth: How Rich is The YouTuber Actually?

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YouTube star CJ So Cool, known as CJ So Cool, is an American singer and musician. Video responses and pranks are his specialty, which he uploads to his YouTube channel.

YouTube subscribers to his self-titled channel number 8.57 million. Subscribers are often called Wolfpack by him. Approximately $6 million is the net worth of CJ So Cool as of 2021.


Net Worth, Nationality, Career, Profession, Age

Full Name Cordero James Brady
Stage Name CJ SO COOL
Birth Date March 29, 1989
Birth Place Gary, Indiana, U. S.
Age 32 years old
Nationality American
Profession YouTube star, Music artist
Wife Charlene Young aka Royalty
Net Worth $6 million


Bio of James Brady

CJ So Cool is the YouTube channel run by American YouTuber Cordero James Brady. He has an estimated Six million dollars in net worth. In his videos, he has reactions to popular viral videos, challenges, pranks, and vlogs.

The Indiana native was born in Gary. As a casino dealer before becoming famous on YouTube, he dealt craps, blackjack, and poker. As well as being a US Navy veteran, he has also served in the Army.

He is a stepfather to his three children and has a daughter named Camari.

Currently, the channel has over 8.8 million subscribers with 2,000 subscribers signing up every day, which is growing by 2,000 every day. The channel has seen over 2.3 billion views so far. Channel users watch 600,000 videos per day and this generates funds from advertisements that run on the videos in the amount of $4,800 per day ($1.6 million a year).

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US, UK, Canadian, and Australian YouTube content creators typically receive $2 – $12 per 1000 views after YouTube takes its cut. Most of the views on a page are monetized to a degree of 40 – 80%.

All of these are influenced by several factors, including the device used, the time of year, the geographic location of the viewer, the ad inventory, the volume of advertisement, how many people skip the ads, the type of advertisement, the ad engagement, and the type of content.

Advertisers bidding against each other based on views determine the cost of an ad view. To bid on a view, an advertiser must bid at least $0.01.

Google Preferred is another program that allows deep-pocketed companies to target ads on the top 5% of most popular content. This website has a high ad rate.

Additionally, toads, YouTubers earn income from YouTube Red viewers, who pay a subscription fee to view premium videos without ads on YouTube.

Watch time on their videos determines how much they are paid. Watching their videos for a longer period of time increases their earnings.

Various companies want to advertise their products through CJ and so they offer him money to promote them through sponsored videos for tens of thousands of dollars.

Seat Geek is one of the companies he has worked with. Additionally, he is a regular Twitch streamer with more than 100,000 followers. Donations, subscriptions, and ad revenue are the means through which he earns money.


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Early Life of CJ

A native of Gary, Indiana, the United States, Cordero James Brady was born on the 29th of March, 1989. Besides being a YouTuber, he also has a brother named Anthony Jinx Brady. It is unclear how CJ spent his childhood, his parents, or what he studied in school.

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He has been a blackjack dealer, casino craps dealer, and poker dealer by trade for much of his life. As of December 27, 2014, he is a YouTube member.

Video reactions and pranks are usually CJ’s specialty. Further, he has also been known to make videos in which he challenges people not to laugh.


Career of CJ SO COOL

Despite his wide recognition for doing funny videos, CJ So Cool also received a lot of criticism for creating content that isn’t funny at all. During the year 2015, he was heavily criticized. Apparently, he made a video showing him mixing laxatives with children’s food. Although the kid was desperately trying to use the restroom, CJ continued to record the video.

A number of popular YouTube personalities have criticized him for that video, including Scarce, DramaAlert, BlastphamousHD TV, and Pyrocynical. Hackers deleted all 1033 of his YouTube videos from his account in February 2020. However, YouTube later recovered 700 of his videos and re-posted them…

His videos are loved even though he receives criticism. A large number of people are subscribing to his newsletter. His subscribers are growing by 2000 every day. On YouTube, CJ’s videos often reach a hundred thousand views and sometimes even beyond 1 million views.


His family is the subject of a video CJ has been making recently. His recent video was titled “Surprising My Kids with Brand New Bigger Bikes” and was uploaded on April 30, 2021.”. He has also made YouTube videos and sang a few songs, including “So Cool Anthem”, “Bag Chasing”, “Memories”, “For Clout” and “Love Us Now”.

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CJ’s Personal Life

A fellow YouTube star, Royalty, is married to CJ So Cool. Besides Cordayaha, he has twins Cordero Junior and Cordero Jr. 2020 was the birth year for the twins.

A daughter, Camari, was also born to CJ’s previous relationships. Additionally, Royalty’s former partner has three children.

His videos show how much he loves all his family members. The majority of his videos are currently about his family members. A mega-mansion was a surprise birthday present his family received from him on March 23, 2021.

His kids also love it when he surprises them with scooters and big bikes.


Net Worth of CJ Cool

A total of $6 million will be CJ So Cool’s net worth by the year 2021. From his YouTube channel, he has earned a large amount of money.

Around $4,800 is generated by his channel every day, which equates to annual earnings of $1.7 million. AS reported by Social Blade.

There is a ranking of 1,168 for his channel YouTube subscribers are ranked according to their number of subscribers. From YouTube monetization alone, he earns around $58,000-$928,600 per year.

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