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Chris Perez Net Worth: How Rich is The Guitarist Actually?

Chris Perez Net Worth

The late 1980s saw Chris Pérez rise to fame as a member of the famous Tejano band Selena y Los Dinos, which helped launch his career as a guitarist, composer, and novelist. Chris Medina Pérez was born on August 14, 1969, in San Antonio, Texas, to Carmen Medina and Gilbert Pérez.

The divorce between his parents occurred when he was four years old, and his mother Medina remarried four years after the divorce was finalized.

When Chris was in elementary school, he showed an interest in music and, against her mother’s objections, trained himself to play the electric guitar.

After joining the band, he met Selena Quintanilla, with whom he had a romantic relationship over time. They finally revealed their love for one other in a restaurant, and they began dating in the early 1990s, eventually becoming a couple.

Full Name Chris Perez
Real name Christopher Gilbert Perez
Country United States
Nationality American
   Age 51 years old
Height 5 feet 10 inches tall
Birthplace San Antonio, Texas, United States
Date of birth August 14, 1969
Net worth 1 million
Education High School


Early Life of Chris Perez

Early Life of Chris Perez

Source: Instagram

Michael Chris Perez was born on August 14, 1969, in the Texas city of San Antonio to Mexican parents. When he was four years old, his parents, Gilbert Perez and Carmen Medina separated and divorced. In 1978, his mother remarried.

Chris has been interested in music from a young age, and he began learning to play the French horn in the eighth grade.

He then started to teach himself how to play electric guitar by listening to his favorite artists, such as Van Halen, Def Leppard, Kiss, the Scorpions, Ozzy Osbourne, and Iron Maiden, who he considered to be his idols.


Chris Perez’s Personal Life

In 1992, Chris tied the knot with Selena Quintanilla. After Selena’s death in 1995, they stayed together for another three years. In 2012, Perez published a book titled “To Selena, with Love,” which chronicled his personal connection with the singer.

Chris then married Venessa Villanueva in 2001, and they have two children. Their marriage, on the other hand, ended in divorce.


Education of Chris Perez

Perez went to high school and learned to play the French horn in the process. His passion for music began when he was still in elementary school. However, there are no records indicating that he attended college.

There is also no information available on his educational background or schooling. However, we may surmise that he must have been very talented, as shown by the fact that he went on to write amazing songs.


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Career of Chris Perez

Career of Chris Perez

Source: Instagram

When Chris began working, it was for the benefit of his co-worker, Shеlly Lаrе. The band later hired him to be their musical director, and he co-wrote a slew of songs with them.

The next day, he received an approach from S. Y. Quintаnllа, a resident of Selena y Los Dinos. During the year 1989, Heri Serez rose to prominence as the lead guitarist for the Sesaano band еlеna y Los Dinos, which is now defunct.

The album ‘Vеn оnmgо’ was released by the band for the first time in 1990. From 1992 through 1995, they released the albums ‘intrе а sundo’, ‘Sеlena LIVE!’, ‘Mоr rоhbdо’, and ‘Drеаmng of Yоu’, among others. In 1999 and 2002, respectively, he successfully formed the Shrserez band and released the albums ‘Rеsurrесtiоn’ and ‘Una Nосhе аs’ under the label Shrs Serez Records.

Aside from that, Perez was a member of the band umbа ng, who recorded the album ‘Duettos’ in 2005. In collaboration with the band ‘Cumbia Ill-Stаrz,’ he planned to release three albums.\ The ‘Shrs еrеz rоесt’ was his first collaboration, and he recorded and released an album in 2010.

In addition, he is a published author, having written a book titled ‘So Selena, with Love’ in 2012, which was published in Spanish.


Achievements and Awards of Chris Perez

Pеrеz won an award for ‘Rеsurrесtiоn’ at the 42nd Annual Grammy Awards in the year 2000. He won the award in the category of ‘best Latin/alternative performance.


Net Worth of Chris Perez

Chris Perez is expected to have a net worth of around $2 million by the year. The majority of his earnings were derived from his work with the band in which he played as a guitarist. Aside from that, he performed on stage multiple times, which allowed him to earn even more money. His way of life changed once he joined A.B., and he was provided with all he needed in life.

Perez is well-known as a guitarist, and he has recorded a slew of albums. Saldivar killed his wife Selena, and he was aided and abetted by her. His musical career began with the group Selena y Los Dinos, with whom he remained for many years as a member. Later, he formed his own group and achieved the renown that he so well deserves. Singing, writing songs, and being an author have all provided him with substantial financial rewards over the years.


Some Interesting Facts About Chris Perez

  • In 1992, Chris Perez was forced to elope with Selena. Because to her father’s disapproval, she is in a difficult situation.


  • He showed up with his own line of boiling hot sauce.


  • A lawsuit was filed against him for the denial of his book approval.


  • Selena is the first woman to get married. Quintanilla was murdered in the month of March 1995.


Chris Perez has an estimated net worth of $1 million dollars. Michael Chris Perez is an American singer, composer, and novelist who is worth $1 million according to his net worth.

Most people are familiar with him through his role as lead guitarist in the Tejano band Selena y Los Dinos, as well as from his marriage to the singer Selena.

August 1969 was the 50th anniversary of Chris Perez’s birth in San Antonio, Texas. She passed away in 1995, and he was married to Selena from 1992 until that time.

The Selena y Los Dinos albums Ven Conmigo (1990), Entre a Mi Mundo (1992), Selena Live! (1993), Amor Prohibido (1994), and Dreaming of You (1995) all include him as a guest performer.

The Chris Perez Band’s albums Resurrection (1999) and Una Noche Mas (2002) both included Perez’s vocals.

On the Kumbia Kings album Duets in 2005, he performed, and on the Kumbia All-Starz albums Ayer Fue Kumbia Kings, Hoy Es Kumbia All Starz, Planeta Kumbia, and La Vida De Un Genio, he was featured on the Kumbia All-Starz albums Ayer Fue Kumbia Kings, Hoy Es Kumbia All Starz, and La Vida De Un Genio, he performed.

Various songs and television programs, as well as awards and nominations, have helped Perez accumulate an estimated net worth of 1.2 million dollars. A Grammy Award for best Latin rock record was presented to him.

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