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Arin Hanson Net Worth: How Rich is The American internet personality Actually?

Arin Hanson Net Worth

The voice actor, animator, rapper, doctor, and cartoonist Arin Hanson is well-known in the industry. In addition, he is a well-known internet personality, who is well known by his Internet handle, “Egоrарtоr,” on the internet.

‘Game Grumрs’ is a popular YouTube web series created by him, and he is the founder of the series. Arin is responsible for creating several of the world’s most well-known video game characters and several famous video games.

His YouTube account is where he mostly posts his creations. However, he is involved in a variety of other enterprises that add to his renown and riches. Let’s take them one at a time and go through them.

Name Arin Hanson
Real Name Arin Joseph Hanson
Country United States
Nationality American
Age 34 years old
Height 6 feet 2 inches Tall
Birthplace Margate, Florida, United States
Date of birth January 6, 1987
Net worth 2 million
Education High School Graduate


Early Life of Arin Hanson

In West Palm Bеасh, Florida, Arin Joseph Hanson was born on July 6, 1987, to four.

Llоуd Hanson is a musician and a writer, and his mother, Maurette Hanson, runs a business dubbed the ‘Healing Horse Therapy Center’ to assist those who are suffering from a variety of emotional, physical, and other problems.

He Has an elder brother, Nate Hanson, who is a well-known figure in the community. Hanson began his secondary education at Wellington High School but was abruptly dismissed when school administrators issued a restraining order against him.

The next year, he relocates to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a Voice actor. The couple has been happily married for over a decade and has a daughter named Suzy. “I’m a happy couple,” says the author. His current residence is in Glendale, California, where he lives with his wife.


Arin’s Career

Arin was always interested in mathematics from a young age. He later pursued his ambitions and began his professional career in mathematics in 2006, following his father’s footsteps. “Newgrоund” served as the inspiration for the world’s first and most renowned web series, ‘The Awesome Series,’ which was the first broadcast in 2008.

He was contacted by the business G-Hole to produce a similar animated series for them as a result of the success of his animated series “Metal Gеаr Awеsоmе.”

Beyond being a voice actor and musician, Arin is widely regarded as one of the world’s greatest voice actors and musicians. Arin has provided voiceovers for famous television programs, including Dragon Age: Inquisition, Target Acquired, and the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Wii version. Even many films and television series have been given a platform.

There are many of these, including Press Start Parts I and II and Sоniс Animation. In 2012, he and co-host JonTron started their own YouTube channel, “Game Grumps,” which continues today.

The channel showcases popular video games and brands such as Pokémon, Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, and many more with a large following. His ‘Stаrbоmb’ and ‘Sеquеlitis’ series are among the most popular. ‘

FAT REFUND,’ his debut rap song, premiered on Stаmреr TV in 2014 and has become a viral hit. He recently performed at the “SXSW” live event series.


Net Worth of Arin Hanson

In September 2021, Arin is considered to be one of the richest people on the planet. You subscribers who have an estimated rate According to the most recent survey, his net worth is about $2 million.

Huge profits are generated through a variety of sources. His hobbies had been brilliantly integrated into his professional life, and they contributed significantly to his net worth.

It is a net worth that continues to grow year after year, and his famous web series is a little part of that growth.

According to the channel’s statistics, the YouTube channel ‘Game Grump’ has more than three million subscribers and about 2.6 million viewers. The channel has yearly earnings of about $3.3 million, which contributes to the significant increase in the value of Hanson’s net worth.

Arin Hanson is a person who has been endowed with a variety of talents. It is effective for him to explore his talent via a variety of sources. He is a well-known physician, an exceptional voice actor, an amazing rapper, and a highly-skilled analyst.

He has a large following among the public thanks to his YouTube channel and many web series. His genuine dedication to his work has made him an extremely successful person in his personal and professional endeavors.



“The Tester” was a game show in which Arin participated during the third season of the sonyPlаystation format. For the show to be valid, it must be decided by popular vote.

The character was eliminated in the third episode when it was shown that the whole show was miserable by the audience. He will not be participating in the show once again. In the show, he was criticized for promoting himself, and he was fired.




  • The YouTube channel ‘Game Grump’ is well-known all around the globe. These videos are produced by Hanson, who has a huge number of subscribers and watchers on his YouTube channel.


  • Known for being the owner and creator of the popular online series “Awesome Series” and “Sequelitis,” among others.


  • He was crowned the winner of the Dаnсе showdown season three championship.




Can you tell me whether Arin and Dan are still friends?

No. In their current relationship, Dan and Arin are no longer friends. They only speak to each other while they are in the studio working. Outside of the studio, they do not communicate with or discuss one another.

Is Arin Hanson related to anybody else?

Arin Hanson does have a sibling. Nate Hanson is the individual in question. His home is in Poland, Oregon, where he lives with his family.

When it comes to money, how much does Game Grumps make?

The channel now contains 7551 videos, with more being added every day. Furthermore, the channel has had 58.5 billion views, generating almost 1.2 million dollars in income yearly.

Animator and cartoonist Arin Joseph Hanson (born January 6, 1987) is a well-known American Internet personality who is also a musician, comic book writer, voice actor, rapper, and cartoonist.

Popular for his work on YouTube Let’s Play Series Game Grumps, he’s also a member of the parody melodic trio Stаrbоmb, which he formed together with his brother.

He is well renowned for his animated comedic computer game review series Sequelitis, in which he spoofs video game titles such as Metal Gear, Pokémon, Ninja Gaiden, and Final Fantasy.

Hanson also has an eponymous YouTube channel. Metal Gear, Pokémon, Ninja Gaiden, and Final Fantasy are among the video game franchises that Hanson has parodied.

In addition, he has done voice work for a number of television programs and video games, including Rick and Morty, Mighty Magi words, Cyanide and Happiness, and others.

Many times, he works with his Stаrbоmb colleagues Ninja Sex Party, singing on their albums as a guest vocalist and starring in their films.

Hanson claims that he is a direct descendant of John Hanson, the ninth Continental Congress President who presided over the establishment of the United States.

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