Adam Demos Net Worth: How Rich Is The Actor Actually?

Adam Demos, an Australian actor, is one of the main characters in the series Sex/Life, which can be found streaming on Netflix. In the past, he has appeared in a number of different television programs, including Unreal and Janet King, among others.

Name Adam Demos
Age 36
Birthplace New South Wales, Australia
Profession Actor
Origin Australia
Net Worth $600,000

Early Life


Demos attended Dapto High School for his secondary education and graduated in the year 2003. Demos obtained his diploma from Dapto High School. Even though he was still in high school, he began his career in the construction industry by taking a job as a construction laborer to aid in the growth of his father’s demolition company.

He distinctly recalls breaking some bones along the road while attempting to complete the work since it was challenging. In the years that followed, he worked, among other things, in the roofing sector in addition to the steel industry.

In spite of this, Demos ended up deciding that he wanted to pursue acting, so his single mother helped him look for a school that teaches acting. Demos is now pursuing his acting career. At the age of 23, he made the decision to enroll at the Screenwise Film & TV Acting School due to the reasons stated above.


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During the early stages of his career, he began making guest appearances on a number of television shows in order to land roles on those shows. One of the very first ones to be released was called “Home and Away.” In addition to that, he was a member of the band Rescue: Special Op and Aboriginal Heart at one point in his life.

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Demos appeared in a supporting capacity in one of the early films he was a part of, which was titled Cooped Up. But he would have to wait until 2017 to get his big break, which was when he was cast in the Australian drama Janet King, which was going to be broadcast on ABC.

This brand-new television show was conceptualized after the hugely successful legal drama Crownies, which is produced in Canada. The part of Nate Baldwin, a character in the series that Demos would later play, was offered to him when he was cast in the role.

Because of his performance in this part, he was offered the following assignment, which would prove to be a key watershed moment in his professional life. After learning that the producers of the reality show UnREAL were looking for an Australian actor to play the lead role in the show, he submitted his application to be considered for the role.

As a result of Demos’s outstanding contributions to the show, the producers made the executive decision to retain him for the subsequent season as well. After that, he began working for Netflix in 2019, when he became a cast member on the show Failing in Love.

Demos was able to amass a significant following all around the world thanks in large part to the success of this event. In the upcoming television series Sex/Life, which will premiere in 2020, Demos will play a lead role. In the show, he will be involved in a love triangle with other actors, including Sarah Shahi and Mike Vogel. The first episode of the series would air in 2020.

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Body Measurements


In point of fact, Adam Demos is an exceptionally imposing figure. His weight is roughly 158 pounds, which is similar to 72 kilograms, and his height is 6 feet and 1 inch, which is equivalent to 185 cm.



Personal Life


Demos are actually romantically involved with his co-star Sarah Shahi, and the two of them have plans to make their relationship public by the end of the year 2020 at the latest. He visited a wide variety of countries. He enjoys exploring the world with fervor. On the other hand, he is an Australian who has the strongest ties to the place of his birth and freely confesses that he suffers from feelings of homesickness when he is away from it for an extended period of time.

Adam Demos Net Worth


It is estimated that Adam Demos will have a net worth of 60,000 by the year 2022. He has only appeared in five or six movies and/or television series in any capacity. His net worth will continue to reach new heights as long as he keeps getting roles in movies that are box office hits.


FAQs of Adam Demos


Is he dead or alive?

He is alive.


What is his profession?

He is Actor.


Is he in a relationship?




Adam Demos, an Australian actor, is one of the main characters in the series that is presently streaming on Netflix. He had a net worth of approximately 600,000 dollars at the time.

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